28-31 Mar 2017 La Grande Motte (near Montpellier) (France)

Fees payment

Please click on the link below to access payment (by credit card or by transfer, no check). You will be asked to choose your category (academic 10 €, student 10 €, company 1 000 €) and then you obligatory need to choose a package (or a daily fee if you come only one day) and add (or not) the first day lunch.

Housing is in small bungalows spread in the pine grove. You have the choice between regular bungalows with two separate bedrooms (they have independant outer entrances) and with the bathroom as well as the toilets shared between the two bedrooms. There is also some bungalows single with only one bedroom with bathroom and toilets. Bungalows single cost about 35 € more per night. If two persons want to share a bungalow, please mention it at the time of getting the keys, otherwise bedrooms will be attributed randomly (man with man and woman with woman).

For French colleagues: the CNRS labs (indicate your UMR number in the name of your lab) will not pay the TVA. This will be taken into account when the DR13 will issue and send you the bill. Note that the CNRS labs credit cards 'cartes achat' do not allow this payment (you cannot pay yourself with your card !).

link for the payment (French):


link for the payment (English):



This conference web site has been built using the web plateform Sciencesconf.org (https://www.sciencesconf.org/). This plateform is made to serve, free of charge, scientists organising workshops and conferences. The log-in procedure is valid for this Functional Ecology conference as well as for any of your future use of the platform. Note that the link between this platform and the CNRS payment software Azur-colloque, that we are obliged to use, is not yet implemented. That will oblige you to enter again your personnal coordinates at the time of payment. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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